Monday, April 27, 2015

air max plus tiger is very bad of didn't

air max plus tiger is very bad of didn't

a pull:"Seeing them first has to make Yao son." Uncle Jiang's eyebrows is also tiny to wrinkle up, but he nearby of person first is don't dare to believe of looking at, then surge of great fury in succession of want to .air max plus tigertoward berth run guns all and put where.Uncle Jiang hurriedly turns round to shake head to stop:This all the way he accompanied to the utmost smiling face and said to the utmost good wor.ds and went out in the outside, this is to have no the business of way.Be about to come home, how can Duo Wang Jia's power and prestige, much less, Air Jordan looking at at that.But he is old to strive for to deeply calcul. ate, similar to what Air Jordan thought, curious about exactly is a Yao son person, dare to beat Wang Jia's idea. "Who is an owner of goods, come down to talk."Li San's evil spirit is very bad of didn't discover towards calling way on board, but, oneself's waiting a person had already been placed in Air Jordan and uncle Jiang's middle. Let go of wooden board, uncle Jiang is wearing a smile to stand dow. air max plus tiger n, embraced the next boxing, is about to report family, the other party but a take out box cannon, in the mood for not .

air max plus tiger intentional of toward uncle Jiang, asking of despise way:"Are you an owner of goods" Uncle Jiang was several decades. of big servant, when someone dares to take a gun to point at him, the at heart is great anger, complexion on sinking, a little bit tiny bottom. Li San the same at heart is upset:On the whole Lao Tze is unlucky, early .morning of be sent by the eldest brother to blackmail, and still that kind of doesn't take any advantage.See uncle Jiang's complexion not kind, the quick temper is getting larger, aim at gun muzzle uncle Jiang's head, roar a way:"Lao Tze is lazy to get heel your useless talk, the Yao leaves one cargo, the Yao hands over the tax of 500 oceans, and you choose by yourself." "I pack in this ship of is all big rice, so much unworthy money"This time, the ocean hasn't depreciated at the Xiang .

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