Wednesday, April 22, 2015

air max 1 aloha almost

air max 1 aloha almost

of the time is a fun, you speak by yourself, you so strong power and prestige, my Air Jordan how dare to your disrespect" "Young master Rao life, beg a young master Rao life" "Rao life"The mild look in the eyes of A.air max 1 alohair Jordan is abrupt however on turning, the intention to murder full purpose looking at force in Lung-chuan, but lightly says:"Ha!Ha!The person was originally selfish of, my Air Jordan also. not the ability exception was a lord, I was always mine to think all things in the clans, including person.Now, you borrow my the head bully my clansmen and rob others by trickery their not, is the thing that robs me.Do . you speak that I should take how you do" "Young master, I didn't dare, really didn't dare, begged you Rao small of this time" "I spoke that you this young master I can can not bear responsibility."The Nu pole of Air Jordan but smile:"Ha!Ha!A thing that wants to rob other people of my Air Jordan, ten thousand ten thousand have never thought in own under one's eyes and someone dares to rob my thing.Goo. air max 1 aloha d!Good!Good!" "Pa!"Air Jordan very heavily on striking table, an uprising, point at big sweat direct curre.

air max 1 aloha nt, force in tottering Lung-chuan, harsh voice drink a way:"Your his mama dares to play in the light with Lao. Tze black, don't strange Lao Tze's cruel hand poison." "Come!" "At!" "Givethe thing that this should be cut to pieces Lao Tze to drag out the cage of standing."Air Jordan's complexion is metal gray, with angry l. zwhz20150422 air max 1 ook circle Zheng, the noodles permits almost distort.Finishing saying can not also quell a fury in heart, one word one drinking of word way:"Stand!Arrive!Die!" The station cage is a kind of torture, put the person to inside in the cage, block neck with the circle, let the prisoner's feet Dian rise then the toe can stand firm, if thinking that the feet put is even, the neck has to be pulled.Then blow to endure long hardship in the insolation in the breeze, don't order a food and drink for D, time a .

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