Monday, April 20, 2015

air max 1 aloha key must do

air max 1 aloha key must do

to the rich and honored of Xiao house. Understand rules Xiao to send out city in person, until the Xiao understands rules to disappear in the strength head of big way with his escorts, Air Jordan turns round to ask a wa.air max 1 alohay:"Guard, today from meet to separate, the Xiao understands rules the business with never lifted strange way ditch village with me" "Do not lift.Young master, how" "Immediately send a. person to tell a monkey, withdraw quick gun brigade.Ate to take how much, all want to shine on price indemnification to return to, can not make people speak my Wang Jia not battle righteousness.Lead a segment for time, I . visit relatives from to compensate offense for strange way ditch village." See the river guard become speechless, Air Jordan clapped to descend his shoulder and said with smile:"Rise now from the son, the strange way ditch village is my Wang Jia of, want to be an oneself person to treat naturally." The river guards just a little understand on thinking:Doing not lift is a tacit approval. "Like, I thi. air max 1 aloha s arranges." "Wait for a second first, you go first to lift 50,000 oceans to come out in cashier and chang.
air max 1 aloha e into a silver ticket."Say, handle knob inside just the Xiao understand rules 10,000 deposits sending to pass. to guard for river:"Together with these 10,000, send over there for Cui cloud together." "Okay!" "Tell owner, this is the first time of our Wang Jia and Xiao house to formally cooperate, also the square one that we. zwhz20150421 air max 1 press in to sink a knife town, very key, must do beautifully.Who want to dare to make a mess of, I let his whole family could not see tomorrow's sun." "Young master you trust, I will definitely see cautiously." Air Jordan is in a good mood, carry a hand, blow whistle, the excellent Zai visits Zai ground down the street turn turn just return to a house. Pass by the door of Xia, the door closing tightly suddenly open, but sees Xia eyeful is red, the facial expression desire cries, the eyeful blames .

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