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cheap jordans from china ag from drill in the car

cheap jordans from china ag from drill in the car

the back of the government troops body, the speed ground to a stop for a while, but continued to go forward again. ~~A miserably and fiercely roar the voice shouts from the of Bao Hong, the Bao Hong opened widely a mouth and peeped out stunned facial expression in the eye and lowered the head to looking at to wear deeply the bow and arrow of soldier's body, the bow and arrow had already had the greater half the chest for shooting into Bao Hong, on jordans from chinahe arrowhead the huge strength makes inside the body of Bao Hong as turning over a river to pour sea spread a burst of drill the ache of heart. I am unwilling! Bao Hong feels that the government troops that the whole body is a burst of to have no dint, block in the Bao Hong before the body had no strength to prop up, bang of the Tan is soft all of a sudden at ground up.The government troops falls down in th.e ground and shoots in the government troops body and the bow and arrow Ca of the chest of Bao Hong Mao 1 split to open, the bow and arrow splits a moment to make the chest of Bao Hong a burst of to drill the ache of heart, scarlet blood the Gu flowed overflowed from the chest Gu, the Bao Hong stretched hand Wu chest, want to keep flowing of blood from overflowing, but can not stop a flowing of blood to drip at all. Suddenly, the wagon car Lian brin. gs about, a cerebellum bag from drill in the car Lian, boy's head hopes cheap jordans from china Can, black the eye pupil son slipping away turned to turn and swept the battlefield of an eye confusion, the vision falls on Bao Hong and see the chest of Bao Hong put a bow and arrow for splitting, the Hey Hey smiled to smile, the boy just wanted to talk, a hand that was slender slippery to get fed up with in the wagon stretches out, the En lives the boy's head and then drew in a boy wagon. The Bao Hong hopes to see a boy, a burst of hair in heart bitterness. Indeed as expected, there is somebody in the wagon, that affirmation is the person whom Huang Jin Ze escorts, take in the heart of Bao Hong unwilling, the countenance in the eye gradually becomes ash dark, the end body is a burst of to shiver, plop one pours at ground up, an on every occasion. The Bao Hong is. cheap jordans from china till death all don't know wagon in basically be not what somebody, Be just a little boy. cheap jordans from china Can sees Bao Hong one dead and roar loud a way: the thief will be dead and decline don't kill! The Hong is bright of voice get about the whole officer's way, government troops originally drive Pei dollar Shao and week Cang two fierce.

cheap jordans from china persons kill fear, all frightened drive Pei dollar the Shao and week Cang jordans from china Can Yi's roaring loud and spreading in the government troops ear like the sound of sounds of nature at this time , immediately, is killed afraid that the government troops throws down weapon in succession and kneels on the ground to beg for mercy. .The situation moment changes, the government troops is severely defeated, have no resist ability. Chapter 22 signs Wei and control Ru south originally chapter word number:3512 latest renewal time:2011-04-0820:13:56.0 The first more, 3,005, beg to collect, flower flower. Ru south city, district magistrate mansion. Hall, the war lives down after of the yellow towel will get to sit on the hall or so two sideses respectively. cheap jorda.ns from china Can sits on the left side of the hall first, Liu Li sits on the right side of the hall first, 2 people respectively sit a many yellow towels under to get, although cheap jordans from china Can, Liu Li is all that 100 men are long, can actually the real strenght between cheap jordans from china Can and Liu Li but be been no lower than some Weis in the school and city gate to guard will, therefore all people all sit at 2 people under, no one. zwhz20150605 cheap jordans from china puts forward an opposed opinion. Liu Li Yi's face of satisfied, after death two strong man's fully inclined to violences stare at cheap jordans from china Can, that look in the eyes good very anxious to drink cheap jordans from china Can's blood, the meat that eats cheap jordans from china Can is similar. Is similar to Liu Li, cheap jordans from china Can after death also stands two black face big fellows, the nature of these 2 people is week Cang and Pei dollar Shao, the Liu Pi and gongses all die at present, the situation in the Ru southern city complications, slightly the inattention then may run into danger in the middle, therefore cheap jordans from china Can week Cang and Pei dollar Shao's taking be after death .

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