Thursday, June 4, 2015

cheap jordan shoes online ery

cheap jordan shoes online ery

disappear, no one knows where Air Max 2015 went.In fact, Air Max 2015 is go to with Lin Fang's report, the company measures this affair, rightnessZheng Jun Hao, Air Max 2015 don't want to be me as a 3-year-old kid, doing not think that can cheat of lead me.If Air Max 2015 are honest the acknowledgement now, I can also give Air Max 2015 a way out, otherwise, I want Air Max 2015 to die to have no whole corpseses." Admit, that affirmation only had dead end a , Zheng Jun Hao very knows this."Mr. Han's jordan shoes onlinear example of history, Air Max 2015 gave a new life to me with owner of boon, I again will betray Air Max 2015If Mr. Han doesn't believe, I contact that cutthroat and let him meet with Mr. Han, that everythings are all clear."Zheng Jun Hao says. Han Jin Hong's eyebrows very tiny Cu Cu, say:"Is at the last moment, Air Max 2015 unexpectedly still deny.Hum, that Air Max 2015 didn't blame me don't give Air Max 2015 the opportunity!" The nature of Han Jin is to really know and just scare Zheng Jun Hao, Zha he is just.However, the facial expression that passes Zheng Jun Hao, Han Jin Hong feels this possibility very greatly.Just, Zheng Jun Hao again such of affirmation, let his in the mind pour is some isn't very affirmative. This book head delivers the 17 K novel net Chapter 097 Su's trillion[this chapter word count:3019 latest renewal time:2014-11-07 08:00:00.0 Follow behind in the Hong sea nearby and so for several years, how Zheng Jun Hao is. meeting not clear Han Jin Hong's behaviorHe is very understand, once oneself admits, the result of that end can be death, Han Jin Hong absolutely isn't likely to pass his.Just what he is some to think impassability BE, Han Jin Hong is how to know this affair. Where does he know that Han Jin Hong is just guessIn the mind's forbiding doesn't live of think the meeting can't be what Lin Fang intentionally designs, was Lin Fang to intentionally reveal news.However, turning but wanting to seem to be again not too may, Lin Fang does so to him again have no of where, on the contrary is staying oneself Be getting more useful more.Zheng Jun Hao is some 100 think not get its solution! "Bearer!"Han Jin Hong a Chi drinks.The door of office is pushed away, two under charges walked to come in from the outside.Han Jin Hong stared Zheng Jun Hao's one eye, then said:"Give him me to take out!"Be saying and making an expression of eyes for those two under charges. "Mr. Han, Mr. cheap jordan shoes online . Han, I really wrong of, I wrong."Zheng Jun Hao repeatedly calls a way.However, Han Jin Hong basically ignores these and lets those two under charges escort Zheng Jun Hao to go out. See after they leave, Hong sea Leng Leng, say:"Mr. Han, seeing appearance Zheng Jun Hao didn't do so, isn't true misunderstanding heHe followed behind me so long, I think that he should can't betray." Disdain to of hum a , Han Jin .

cheap jordan shoes online Hong says:"I never believe that this will have so-called loyalty in the world, that only because the counter of betrayal isn't enough just.Air Max 2015 are also similar, if while facing vital threat or being more benefitses, can Air Max 2015 promise that Air Max 2015 can't betray meZheng Jun Hao has to betray me not to know, however, I prefer to wrong kill 1,000, that will never allow to pass 1 as well." Hong sea very .tiny Leng Leng, had some to embarrassedly smile to smile, the in the mind felt some discomforts unclearly, imitating Buddha Zheng Jun Hao's end is his later end get. Deeply absorbed tone, Han Jin Hong said:"If Zheng Jun Hao is really a rebel, so, the data in my office is very likely to will be also what he steals.He is Air Max 2015r person, I handed over to Air Max 2015, I ignore Air Max 2015 use what method, must chase him so the affair knowing all asks out for me." "That f does he always .insist that he is innocent"The Hong sea asks a way. "Did I just haven't already said very clearlyRather be willing to be wrong to kill 1,000, also in no case pass 1.Even if he is really innocent, that can not stay as well."Han Jin Hong says., The vision of Han Jin Hong once swept from the body of Hong sea, lightly smiled to smile and said:"Do Air Max 2015 feel that my Te is darkA little bit be worried that oneself will be also similar to Zheng Jun Hao in the futureWorry am I rather willing to be wrong. zwhz20150604 cheap jordan shoes online to kill 1,000 and also in no case pass 1" "Have no, have no.Mr. Han gave a new life to me of boon, even if Mr. Han really needs to kill me, I also with no regret."The Hong sea hurriedly says. Disdain to of smiled to smile, Han Jin Hong said:"Air Max 2015 need not at my in front form what loyalty, Air Max 2015 need hereafter thoroughly handle affairs for me, that was to bestly express.", Han Jin Hong immediately after asks a way again:"To, Air Max 2015 returned change last time virtuous medium, result howWhat attitude is he " "The attitude that Qian De wins is very tough, I feel that he has already decided to break off with us.Can see out from his then attitude, Mr. Zhao's affair seems is that he has intention to."The Hong sea . s

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