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Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux white rock Zhang Xiao

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux white rock Zhang Xiao
Feng always blocks at most before, his complexion is embarrassed, the vision one by one in order once swept those fives to work properly a territory superior, cold way:"Wu Lie, Liu Yun, white rock, Zhang Xiao livings, hair son mountain, you are five greatly outside town households, unexpectedly cooperate to assault my Huang town!" "Jie Jie, Qin Jia Zhu, you this is where words.As long as you come out aft.Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux er the Huang town the secret place of the mountain cent, everyone not is become rich together."In five persons who lead the way, be called Wu Lie's middle age men, the whole body works properly a territory for middle, at every step the We Wholesale Nike Shoes forces Qin always Feng. The Qin Feng always bites, the way of Chen Nu:"Wu Lie, this secret place at my Huang. town, afraid is a round don't arrive you foreign town son to participate.Want to seize the jewelry in the secret place, unless my Qin's Feng always dies!" "Old ordinary person, you this is again why the need for.You small Huang town, edible so big secret place."The man who is called Wu Lie, Y Wholesale Nike Shoes Y Wholesale Nike Shoes tooth, cannot help but scolding a sentence:"Now we five greatest tow. n the son unite, you the Huang town basically isn't an opponent." "Five dog towns!" "Like, Qin always Feng, since you bigotry, don't blame me to wait cruel hand to be getting hotter."BE insulted and humiliated, Wu Lie Yan's bottom a cold, scolding of some no time for waitingses voice, the first dynasty Qin the Feng always hurtle up:"The brotherses killed them, the secret place was us of." Under about 100 people, a per growl, hold a weapon dynasty Qin the Feng always hurtle up. Qin the Feng in the mind is always a bit anxious and fretful, hand in of leave the glorious ensign of Zong Hu Jia of fire to raise:"You can be optimistic about, this is leave fire to believe in of protect a glorious ensign, if you dare make moves to my Qin Jia, not afraid does the fir. Shop Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux giving offense to leaving of ancient city believe in." See protect a glorious ensign indeed as expected, owner at the same time bottom. Can only is a bottom, sees Wu Lie's hand up, equally raise one noodles brocade ensign, up embroider to turn over cloud Big Dipper, cold way. Cheap Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux :"Everyone doesn't fear, my Wu Jia equally has cloud Ding believe in of protect a glorious ensign, if have an accident, my Wu Jia Ding writes." Get this words, underneath of person discussion voice, make threatening gestures once again of ferocious. Face fives to work a territory superior at the same time, but Qin Jia only has Qin always a Feng.Two squares' real strenght discrepancies are huge, even if is to have big stupid bear to help each other with Long Qiu, can twos work properly the margin of territory, still can not make up and be compelled near end of the road end of road. "Wu Lie, Wholesale Nike Shoes put together with you!" Bite a pass, Qin the always bring up sword blade, the old body in the sky revolves and stabs nine sword lights a while, cold way:"Nether world nine swords!" The sword light ripples at the blue sky as the roseate clouds and draw together together wonderful Man of of remnants shadow. "Tian Zao!"Wu Lie Leng drinks, the hands take complete set and draw back appearance a while, the light of fire piles up one after anoth. zwh20150128 Wholesale Nike Shoes er on his hand, bang however blast open together together very hot fire, like next the mountain look for food of fierce tiger, flowing out of bear big wave toward Qin always Feng:"Very hot fire Zhang!" Knife pass sword shadow, fly a sand to walk stone. The big stupid bear and Long Qiu is worked properly a territory for middle by threes of the superior unite, the momentary is to repeatedly withdraw in defeat and continuously send out the rant of Zhan We Wholesale Nike Shoes in.Especially big stupid bear, large bulky body like live Ba, the together a blood is livinged to tear off. At this time, there are three cobras of red blood snakes, being at the beginning saved next fire cloud cobra by Qin Shi.At . presen
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